Cooperating with Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC)of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), our company has set up our own R&D center "Taizhou Plastic Research Institute" (Hereinafter called “the Institute”). The Institute covers an experimental area of 700 square meters, equipped with Injection Molding Machines, Double-roller Chain Open Mill, Extruder, Plate Vulcanizing Press Machine, Suck Molding Machines and Casting Film Production Equipments, as well as technicians with years of experience in plastics research. The Institute is mainly engaged in research on biological materials, biodegradable plastics and other polymer molding technologies. It is also engaged in R&D and promotion of plastic derivative products and advanced plastics equipments. It is also dedicated to industrial conversion and promotion of technological fruits of plastics, as well as technical training and services, with the aim to provide effective technical support for the application of biodegradable materials in China, especially the polylactic acid products. Since its establishment, it has launched application research on modification of PLA resin and optimization of injection molding process conditions. Application properties of transparent film have been significantly improved so far.

Now, the Institute is committed to enhancing the application research and development of polymer materials, with a wish to open up a new road for high-tech industrialization on the application and promotion of biodegradable plastic products for our country.

Taizhou Plastic Research Institute