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Zhejiang Hisun Group Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou, a young port city in southeastern China, and is one of the country’s top 520 key enterprises. It was established in 1956, a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise with a history over 50 years. Hisun consists of one company listed in Shanghai Stocks Exchange, three holding subsidiary companies with total asset of 2.93 billion USD covering a site of 2.33 million square meters. Hisun Group has developed Bio-pharmaceutical, bio- agriculture chemicals, bio-materials, three column industries and delicates to take advantages of its own resources on R&D to provide better services for global customers.

Hisun is a new high-tech enterprise accredited by China Academy of Science and China Ministry of Science. The company has established a Technology Center for industry and a postdoctoral work station, both of which have been appraised by the State. It covers a total area of 15,000 sq. meters with 300 R&D researchers. It contains 50 individual labs and research field covers a diversified range, namely chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation, biotechnology, natural plant medicine and formulation development. Products for therapeutic areas of oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infection, anti-parasite, endocrine regulation, immunity restrain, anti-depressant, etc.. Hisun also keeps close cooperative relations with over 30 well-known institutes and universities, and set up labs in several universities. Business cooperation between countries also promotes technological cooperation. Taking technology centre as a platform, Hisun cooperates with some major foreign companies through FTE mode, such as project transfer, commissioned development. Hisun’s R&D investment takes up to 8% of the total sales revenue annually.

Hisun is an internationalized pharmaceutical raw materials exporter. By providing comprehensive products and services, Hisun exports over 80% pharmaceutical raw material products to more than 30 countries, and owns a leading market share in European and American markets. Up till now, 14 products have successively passed FDA approval, enabling its products enter the U.S. market; 10 products have registered in EU COS, and 94 products have registered in the worldwide main medical markets. Hisun has set up a sales company in the U.S., and exclusive agencies in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and British, hence lock the end-buyers.

Hisun is a pharmaceutical enterprise with advanced equipments. Designs and constructions of technological upgrade strictly conform to GMP standards, which fully presents Hisun’s foresight “building nests before inviting birds”and its willingness of investment. Now most key technical equipments have nearly reached the same level to that of foreign counterparts. Since national “Ninth Five-year Plan”, Hisun has invested over 700 million yuan for technological innovation, among which, the investment on the technical equipments alone has been close to 10 million USD, and and has built the first fementation automatic control system with 2000 cubic meters in domestic pharmaceutical indusrty. Also a frozen powder injection production line was introduced from Italy and Spain, which developed 6 million/a production capacity of oncology frozen powder injections.

Hisun is also dedicated to the construction of EHS system. Investment in environmental protection facilities alone has amounted to 170 million yuan, which takes up 12% of the total fixed assets. In 2004, investment in solving the problem of “The Three Wastes (wasted water, wasted gas, wasted residue)” was over 25 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the total sales revenue of that year. Early in 2001, Hisun acquired the ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certificates., and since then, Hisun keeps on conforming to the strict standards of environmental protection and has been reputed as a garden factory with green area over 70%.

Hisun aims to provide high-quality innovative products to customers, and in the meanwhile, it seeks for sustainable development and tries to lower cost. Hisun keeps on learning managerial expertise from world’s advanced enterprises to forward and improve its management level. Hisun also focuses on the new trend of biological feild's developments, and enhances cooperation with international partners.

Changchun Institute of Applied Chemicals (CIAC)of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) was established in Dec.,1948. It is one of the units which are initially authorized by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council to cultivate masters and doctors, and to set up a post-doctoral research center. It has been qualified to grant doctoral degree of one first-grade discipline and five second-grade disciplines of Chemistry. CIAC now has 1,010 staff members, including five academic fellows of CAS, two academic fellows of ASTW (Academy of Sciences for the Third World), and more than forty tutors of doctoral students, more than 300 high-level professional technicians. More than 300 post-graduates are now in study. Since 1978, near 1,500 talents have been cultivated and despatched for our country.

CIAC is a comprehensive Chemical Institute, comprising basic research, application research and high-tech innovation research, and research  priorities are the combinations of different advantageous disciplines such as Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, Rare-earth Chemistry and Physics, and Electroanalytical Chemistry. CIAC now has established two state-level key laboratories and one open laboratory for CAS: National Key Laboratory on Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, National Key Laboratory on Electroanalytical Chemistry, and Open Laboratory on Rare-earth Chemistry and Physics. CIAC also set up four specialized laboratories: Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory, Materials and Apparatus Laboratory, New Medicine Research Laboratory, Macromolecule Engineering Laboratory, and one national Electrochemistry and Spectrum Research Center.

Over the past 58 years since its establishment, CIAC has been working on scientific studies of Chemistry on different levels, i.e. Basic Research, Application Research, and New and High-tech Industrialization Research. Preliminary statistics shows 1,150 scientific fruits have been achieved till now, including 500 major scientific achievements, 69 projects granted with national level awards, 297 projects granted by CAS , province or ministry level awards. 430 patents have been applied, 211 patents have been approved, and more than 10,000 articles have been published. The quantity of published articles ranked first among all other scientific institutes of the country in the past 11 years, and the quantity of recorded or cited articles by SCI ranked top three among all other domestic scientific research institutes. As to industrial conversion of scientific achievements as well as establishing high-tech industry, CIAC has gradually realized some fruits. Changchun Thermal-shrink Materials Co., Ltd., for instance, is the first listed company owned by CAS, and the company’s products, power cable accessories, take up 40% market share in domestic market, and have already exported abroad.

Meanwhile, CIAC will take full advantage of the research fruits and disciplines of Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, Rare-earth Chemistry and Physics, and Electroanalytical Chemistry to develop its integrated features. Also it will focus on developing macromolecule materials and rare-earth new materials, to make a irreplaceable creative contribution for the country through upgrading the traditional macromolecule pillar industry (general plastics and rubber), developing and industrializing new type macromolecule materials, and providing new theories, new methods, and new technologies for making a value-added use of rare-earth and food resources.

Entrusted by China Institute of Chemistry, CIAC has published two core technical journals Analytical Chemistry (monthly), and Applied Chemistry (monthly). Applied Chemistry ranks first in the country as the most frequently cited science magazine in the past four years, and was granted “the First National Journal Award” in 2000.