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Haloeco is a brand of Class I environmentally friendly products produced by Taizhou Huangyan Dingjie Plastic Mould Co., Ltd., and supervised by Hong Kong Shengqi Group Holdings Limited, based on the company's operating philosophy of promoting healthy, environmentally friendly low-carbon new element life. The company is a faithful partner and user of Haizheng Biomaterials.

Beifa Stationery

Beifa Group mainly operates stationery, sports, and cultural products and services, which is a leading enterprise in the stationery industry in China. The production scale of the pen products ranks first in the industry and the third in the world. Through the strong-strong alliance with Haizheng Biomaterials, they have launched a series of green stationery, which have received good market feedbacks.

Chenguang Stationery

Chenguang persistently uses energy-saving materials and manufacturing methods, and takes the responsibilities of an enterprise as a citizen of the world, to make their due contributions to the cause of global environmental protection and recycling economy. Since the cooperation with Haizheng Biomaterials, the company has achieved significant and sound results.


Guangdong Yitianran Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in providing high-end PLA household goods. Relying on the 27 years of experience in bio-plastics industry of their parent company Dachuan (Fresh) Plastics Co., Ltd., the company has brought together the advanced manufacturing and original design from the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. By joining hands with Haizheng Biomaterials, the company provides consumers with high-end, stylish, safe, healthy, and green household supplies.


Keaike is a brand under Shanghai Xiangguang Trading Co., Ltd., with a history of 26 years, being dedicated to the development and manufacture of daily necessities. The company has more than 7 years of experience in the R & D and manufacturing of PLA products. The PLA materials used Keaike are the REVODE series supplied by Haizheng Biomaterials, with superior quality and a leading position in the industry.


Zhejiang Nanda Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. is a diversified company with food paper packaging as the leading business, while integrating retail, restaurant chains, paper making, lamination manufacturing, printing, and machinery manufacturing. The company has started cooperation with Haizheng Biomaterials since 2013, which is a loyal user and partner of Haizheng Biomaterials.