Development Platform

Development Prospects: Hisun Biomaterials is an emerging high-tech enterprise, focusing on the development of biodegradable materials. The quality of products has reached the international advanced level. Hiusn has an excellent market development team and has established strategic cooperation relationships with many well-known international companies. Hisun is confident to create a more brilliant future in the new round of international competition;

Hardware Platform: Hisun has first-class laboratory equipment, advanced production facilities, and good working environment.


Talent Training

Internal Training: Hisun has a sound training system that provides staff with multiple-level all-round training programs such as professional training; Hisun joins hands with universities to improve the quality of staff, and invites experts and scholars to give lecturers at the company; Hisun also select and send personnel to major universities or abroad to continue education;

Graduates: For newly recruited graduates every year, Hisun helps them with their career designs, providing them with appropriate positions for their development;

In accordance with the principles of person-job fit, Hisun encourages internal staff mobility; we give priority to internal recruitment for various jobs;

Hisun creates a vast entrepreneurial space for all kinds of senior talents who joins Hisun.


Recruitment channels

Campus Recruitment: reserve talents for the company through the annual graduates recruiting plan;

Social Recruitment: attract all kinds of professional technical and management personnel to join Hisun through multiple channels;
Special Talents Introduction: including senior talents, returnees, scholars, and foreign experts;
All-round multi-domain recommendations;
Other channels.